Connecticut is a state of the United States It is bounded to the North by Massachusetts, to the East by Rhode Island, to the West by New York, to the South by the Long Island Strait (Long Island Sound), an inlet formed by the Atlantic Ocean and which separates it from Long Island (Long Island). The coastline that borders Connecticut to the south extends from west to east, from Greenwich, on the New York border, to Stonington, on the Rhode Island border. Connecticut is the smallest state in the Union after Rhode Island and Delaware, covering 5540 square miles (14,350 km²). The slightly undulating ground rises imperceptibly to the north; it is crisscrossed from north to south by chains of hills (Taghanic, Hoosac), framing the valleys formed by rivers that follow the same direction, coming from Massachusetts and flowing into the Sound. The main river is the Connecticut River, which gives its name to the state and divides it into two roughly equal parts. The others are: in the West the Housatonic and in the East the Thames, formed by the Quinnebang. The capital is Hartford, on Connecticut (124,800 inhabitants); the main cities are Bridgeport (144,300), New

5 questions to choose the right workstation

Are you thinking of becoming an entrepreneur or self-employed? Do you have any idea of the tools you will need to start your business? If so, there is a good chance that the computer will be part of the start-up costs associated with your project. Before making this crucial purchase, here are 5 questions to help you choose your work computer. 1. What is your budget for this purchase? How much are you willing to invest in your new computer? Depending on your needs, you may prioritize certain purchases, whether it is a good processor or software necessary for your work. By keeping a cool head, you will avoid unpleasant surprises when you have to pay your bill, or you could also find a used computer. Examples of affordable computers: HP Chromebook Toshiba Chromebook 2 (Chromebooks work under Chrome OS and not under Windows) 2. Are you a mobile worker? Do you like working in cafés or coworking areas? If so, it is better to use a laptop rather than a desktop computer. Be sure to take into account the battery life of the main battery so that you are not completely dependent on the nearest power